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NJHC Supports NYC Carriage Industry
The New Jersey Horse Council passed a Resolution in support of NYC Carriage Horses at the January 2014 Executive Board Meeting.

 The New Jersey Horse Council  SUPPORTS the NYC Carriage Horses for:

 • making a positive contribution to history and humanity, giving the public a unique opportunity to interact with the 
animals that helped build America

 • giving the Working Horse the opportunity to make a living for itself and its owners in a time honored industry

 • giving native New Yorkers and visitors to the Big Apple a chance to experience a living, breathing animal, working in 
    partnership with its driver in 21st century America

• setting a standard for excellent horse care in a city environment.

Possible Repeal of NJ Sales Tax on Boarding Operations

Will be discussed again at the NJ Ag Convention Jan 2018

Missing Horse? Let NJHC Know

Tax Updates!
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Horse Person of the Year

Maggie Romano

named Horse Person of the Year January 28 at the Equine Advisory Board Breeders' Luncheon in Easthampton Township

More info: Nancy Jaffer

Freehold Memorial Day Parade

NJHC Board Member Rich Osborn with groom, Debbie Osborn.
Claire an American Cream and Rosie a Percheron are powering the carriage.

NJ Trail Tracker App.

is a tool to help park visitors plan their trips to NJ State Parks, to illustrate the range of activities and trails available, and to assist trail users find their way while in the park and on the trails. Click on features on the map to reveal a pop-up window with information about that point of interest, trail, or park. If features overlap, use the arrow button at the top-right of the pop-up to scan through all features. Use the My Location tool to track your current location on the map, shown as a blue dot.

NJ: Not Just an Exit on I-95

Photo by Carolyn Moran

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