The New Jersey Horse Council (NJHC) was formed as a private association in 1970, incorporated as a non-profit corporation in December 1974, and became federal tax exempt in 1983.

New Jersey’s horse industry is one of the state’s larger agricultural sectors and brings several billions of dollars annually to the state. The Council represents professional horseman, horse breeders, horse shows, veterinarians, farriers, stables, breed associations, trail clubs, feed and grain dealers and supply companies of all types, and many more related and interested people.

The NJHC is independent of the government (Federal, State and local) so it can act completely independently in serving the interests of the industry by providing technical and political assistance to government on many levels to better understand the needs of horses and their owners when they consider legislation affecting the horse world.  Examples where NJHC effectively lobbied for horses include the NJ Horse Liability Act, needed enhancements to the 25 mph when near horses regulation and even naming the horse as the state animal of NJ. 

The Horse Council works closely with, but independently of, the Equine Advisory Board of the NJ Department of Agriculture, The Farm Bureau and Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey as they have many interests in common. Many of our members serve in these organizations as well at varying times.

On a national level, NJHC is a member of the American Horse Council (AHC) and a charter member of the AHC State Horse Council Advisory Committee. AHC provides us with information on proposed national programs and legislation that will affect the equine industry which we can then forward to our members. Our delegate regularly attends the AHC SHC Advisory meetings.

Trail use and preservation issues have been a special concern of the Horse Council. We have been actively engaged in this field over the years by bringing concerns to the NJHC and through our representatives serving on various trail groups as knowledgeable ambassadors.

We also work with NJ Horse Rescues to provide grants to rescues  as well as with veterinarian groups to provide an annual fellowship for NJ veterinary students working toward their degree who plan to practice in NJ.

Board meetings are held on the second Tuesday of alternate months, and are open to all members and interested persons. Please contact the NJ Horse Council for more information on exact dates and times of meetings or directions to the meetings.

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