New Jersey Horse Council
116A Borton Landing Rd, Moorestown NJ 08057
Phone: 856-234-6117
Fax: 856-234-1081

History of the NJHC

Did You Know...?
The NJHC has been in existence since 1970.
NJHC Fast Facts
The horse is the New Jersey state animal.


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About the NJHC
Our Mission
to disseminate information about horses and horse farms to the general public.
to continue the education of horse owners about the care of horses and their environment.
to promote the interests of the entire horse industry in New Jersey through public information and the development of a close working relationship among individuals and organizations who recognize the importance of the horse industry to the economic and social well-being of the State of New Jersey.

Our Officers & Board of Directors
Sue Rothermel

Vice President   Dottie Allen

Corresponding Secretary and
Susan Data-Samtak

Treasurer   Dottie Allen

    Barbara Haertlein    
    Rich Osborn    
    Patricia Ratner, Esq.    

Special Advisors Dr. Mike Ochsner    
    Carey Williams, Ph.D.    

Past President
Shelly Liggett    

Special Assignments      
  John Samtak Website
  Barb Haertlein Newsletter
    Sue Rothermel NJ State Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs
    Carey Williams Rutgers ESC
    Dr. Ochsner NJAEP Liaison
    Maggi Romano AHC Liaison
    Susan Data-Samtak Horse Welfare
    Todd Wolf, DVM Trails Advocate


New Jersey Horse Council
116A BORTON LANDING RD Moorestown NJ 08057
Phone: 856-234-6117
Fax: 856-234-1081

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