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NJHC Supports NYC Carriage Industry
The New Jersey Horse Council passed a Resolution in support of NYC Carriage Horses at the January 2014 Executive Board Meeting.

 The New Jersey Horse Council  SUPPORTS the NYC Carriage Horses for:

 • making a positive contribution to history and humanity, giving the public a unique opportunity to interact with the 
animals that helped build America

 • giving the Working Horse the opportunity to make a living for itself and its owners in a time honored industry

 • giving native New Yorkers and visitors to the Big Apple a chance to experience a living, breathing animal, working in 
    partnership with its driver in 21st century America

• setting a standard for excellent horse care in a city environment.

Possible Repeal of NJ Sales Tax on Boarding Operations

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Welcome to the New Jersey Horse Council
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From the President JUNE 2016

I have been a horse lover since early childhood and have served on the Board of Directors of the NJ Horse Council for many years. And this year I was elected as Horse Council President.

The Mission Statement of the Horse Council is to work for the promotion of the entire horse industry, including all breeds and disciplines.

I know there are many of us out there from individuals with a horse in the back yard, to people boarding their horse, to those involved with large stables. As horse lovers and owners we must all work together. The Horse Council has good partners in the Rutgers Equine Science Center and in the NJ Farm Bureau. We also have a relationship with the American Horse Council and the NJ Horse Council.

But we also need you, the individuals who own horse businesses, and who deal in horse-related endeavors, and the varied horse groups throughout the state, to become members of the Horse Council.

This enables us to show politicians and agencies such as the Division of Fish & Wildlife, and the Division of Parks and Forests that we have support of horse people throughout the state. This lets horse people show numbers to the agencies who affect interests for horse people.

There are many people out there that do not think horses should be ridden, driven or used for any type of work. There are those who look at the best practices for horse care and complain about them. There are those who would like to limit the use of public lands by equestrians. Equestrians today face many obstacles that did not exist years ago.

The officers and Board of Directors of the New Jersey Horse Council are all volunteers and we need the help of the whole horse community in New Jersey to maintain and horse-FRIENDLY environment in New Jersey.

I look forward to serving you in this capacity

Sue Rothermel
President, NJ Horse Council

NJ: Not Just an Exit on I95

Photo by Carolyn Moran

NJHC sponsored Pier Semanchik as our Candidate
for the 2016 Equestrian of the Year Competition

Shelly Liggett, President NJHC and Susan Data-Samtak, Secretary NJHC, stand with Pier after being crowned 2016 Equestrian of the Year at the NJ Breeders Award Luncheon.

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